Picture: Chacran


Chacran has it's roots in nature. Peacock prints sit alongside florals, bugs and butterflies. Vintage weaves and woven bamboos add to the natural theme. Colours range from soft sand, pebble grey to burnished silver and copper and tiny bursts of moss green, lapis lazuli and burnt umber complete the collection.

Picture: Curious


Crocodile textures and leather effects set the scene, with cowhide tile textures, dimensional damasks, feather prints and more. Here's a range of versatile neutral shades in soft grey, sand and black, with accents in teal, rose pink and deep dark brown.

Picture: Designed for Living

Designed for Living

These tropical, contemporary prints have been created by Jantien and Noor (owners of Designed for Living). Patterns are based on natural elements such as bark, birds' nests, raw linen and animal prints. Noor and Jantien commissioned their favourite illustrator Hanneke Jongsma to draw the wildlife elements by hand. Smaller patterns combine with the larger scale prints, giving scope for endless mixing and matching in on trend colours.

Picture: Essentials


Here's a blend of urban surfaces and handcrafted textiles. Peeling paint mixes with oxidised metal effects, kilim rugs and encaustic tiles, corks, bamboo and wood. Soft whites mix with faded pink and blue. Pebble greys, darkest copper and rust tones complete the collection.

Picture: Glassy


Soft, dreamy interiors can be created with our Glassy collection. There's a sense of fragility and delicacy with these designs. Floral prints are created with watercolours; shadowy leaf patterns are picked out in soft pastel tones. Painterly streaks are subtle yet add a dramatic touch.

Picture: Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Memories of distant places and soft sunwashed colours are the inspiration behind our collection Indian Summers. With Asian and oriental influences, surfaces are soft and worn; handblock florals and paisley prints abound. Shades of coral combine with dusky green and grey. Hints of metal flicker in the light.

Picture: Interior Affairs

Interior Affairs

This is Art Deco with a twist. Inspired by the heady days of the 20's and 30's; imagine a sleek hotel lobby, sweeping staircase leading to a jazz-filled bar, or the hedonistic lifestyle on a luxury cruise liner. Romance is revived and rich textures complement sharp geometrics: Striking lines sit alongside sweeping curves and nature-inspired organic shapes. Detail is everything and luxury becomes affordable

Picture: Layers


Masses of moorish tiles and on-trend trellis patterns sit alongside simple wood grains and weaves. Playful spotty effects and spirograph styles complete the range. Easy-to-use neutrals are combined with multicoloured patterns.

Picture: Loft


Monochrome prints inspired by Bauhaus, mid-century and minimalist design sit alongside Arts & Crafts nature-inspired prints. Dramatic layers of colour, 3-D inlaid wood and waffle textures in black, white and cream. Sharp yellow accents and shades of deep purple add drama. Nature makes it's way into our Loft collection in the shape of stylised branch prints, and dusky fern effects are picked out in terracottas and umber.

Picture: Moods


Inspired by paper folding, laser cut patterns and geometrics. This contemporary range of printed and textured designs is offered in modern neutrals combined with splashes of vibrant red, acid yellow and teal. Look out for copper and silver metallics too.

Picture: More than Elements

More than Elements

If it's wood, brick, stone you're after, look no further. More than Elements is full of natural textures. Imagine combining plains and patterns too : concrete embellished with lace, or wood etched with damask swirls. Neutral colours abound, and we've added glints of mica for extra depth and drama.

Picture: Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders

Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders

Enter the world of Marcel Wanders. An abundance of design ideas are fused with a sense of history and a hint of humour. Crystal shards create kaleidoscopic patterns; rich plaids blend with jewel-encrusted weaves. Marcel Wander's Dutch heritage inspires Delft blue damasks with a twist.

Picture: Nomadics


Tribal influenced designs. Simple batik designs combine with aboriginal-inspired prints. Raffia and grasses complement simple weaves and naive florals. Our Nomadics collection also includes large-scale murals to complete the range.

Picture: Pure


Made from natural fibres, Pure is a mix of paisley and pinstripe prints, hexagons and herringbones, florals and damasks. Tiny metallic flecks enhance every design. Colours are subtle: peach and smoky oranges coordinate with soft aqua tones. Neutral pebble greys and warm beige complete the range.

Picture: Raw Matters

Raw Matters

Here's a blend of rustic and urban design. Concrete, wood and metallic finishes complement chunky textile effects in earthy browns, deepest forest greens and charcoal. Vintage, faded damasks in soft rose, warm white and faded blues add a touch of romance to this collection.

Picture: Van Gogh

Van Gogh

In collaboration with the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, we're delighted to bring these reproductions and re-engineered designs of the famous painters original artworks to you. Van Gogh's style and vibrant colours are brought to life in new ways.