Picture: #Smalltalk


Whimsical, playful and colourful. Discover graphic prints, geometrics, illustrations and murals. Enter the world of Smalltalk and explore jungles, climb trees and count stars. Colours range from blush pink, soft grey and navy blue to vibrant turquoise and teal.

Picture: Christian Fischbacher

Christian Fischbacher

Created by Christian Fischbacher, the collection is inspired by luxury fabrics, silks and tapestries. Birds and flowers sit alongside sumptuous silks, floral damasks and trellis effects. Colours range from gold and cream, deep charcoal and soft grey, through to dramatic purple, orange, jewel green, mustard and navy.

Picture: Cubiq


Geometrics galore! Our Cubiq collection is a cornucopia of origami effects, 3D prints and geometric patterns and textures. Colours vary from retro green combined with peachy pink through to burnt orange, acid yellow, sky blue and cobalt. Splashes of black and bright white complete the mix.

Picture: Curious


Crocodile textures and leather effects set the scene, with cowhide tile textures, dimensional damasks, feather prints and more. Here's a range of versatile neutral shades in soft grey, sand and black, with accents in teal, rose pink and deep dark brown.

Picture: Dimensions by Edward Van Vliet

Dimensions by Edward Van Vliet

Geometric are fused with nature. Here you'll find bamboo, palm leaves, birds, insects and more - combined with grasscloths, honeycomb prints, tiled textures and simple weaves. Dusky pink, leaf green, charcoal and indigo mix with an abundance of soft grey and beige neutrals.

Picture: Fiore


Flowers galore! Here you'll find bohemian blooms, vintage embroidery, and William Morris inspired prints; complemented by a fine silky strand coordinate. Colours range from intense and saturated through to pretty pastels.

Picture: Grand Safari

Grand Safari

Textured tribal weaves, lush foliage and animal-inspired prints are all part of Grand Safari. You'll discover leopard spots, zebra skin and python prints amongst leafy palms and rainforest. Colours are taken straight from the jungle, from the deepest greens to mamba black, sunbaked clay and earthy browns.

Picture: Interior Affairs

Interior Affairs

This is Art Deco with a twist. Inspired by the heady days of the 20's and 30's; imagine a sleek hotel lobby, sweeping staircase leading to a jazz-filled bar, or the hedonistic lifestyle on a luxury cruise liner. Romance is revived and rich textures complement sharp geometrics: Striking lines sit alongside sweeping curves and nature-inspired organic shapes. Detail is everything and luxury becomes affordable

Picture: Linen Stories

Linen Stories

46 sumptuous linen effects, and 8 stunning shadow print murals. Colours are smoky and subtle - from dusky pinks, copper blush and soft teal greens through to slate greys and charcoal black.

Picture: Loft


Monochrome prints inspired by Bauhaus, mid-century and minimalist design sit alongside Arts & Crafts nature-inspired prints. Dramatic layers of colour, 3-D inlaid wood and waffle textures in black, white and cream. Sharp yellow accents and shades of deep purple add drama. Nature makes it's way into our Loft collection in the shape of stylised branch prints, and dusky fern effects are picked out in terracottas and umber.

Picture: Material World

Material World

A host of wood, stone, weaves and shagreen.Woods are washed and bleached, or mimic marquetry and parquet. Tiled stones are offered alongside simple weaves and twills. Colours remain natural with a blend of soft beige and warm brown, slate grey and charcoal black. You'll also discover hints of duck egg blue and moss green in the mix.

Picture: Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders

Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders

Enter the world of Marcel Wanders. An abundance of design ideas are fused with a sense of history and a hint of humour. Crystal shards create kaleidoscopic patterns; rich plaids blend with jewel-encrusted weaves. Marcel Wander's Dutch heritage inspires Delft blue damasks with a twist.

Picture: Panthera


Go wild ! Jungle palms, tropical flowers and leopard prints...with glimpses of monkeys and cockatoos. Completing the mix are stunning scenic murals - modern and vintage - in subtle greens, terracotta, grey and sepia tints.

Picture: Riviera Maison

Riviera Maison

An eclectic mix inspired by the travels of Nico Tijsen, Creative Director of Riviera Maison. Here you'll find a host of cosy, comfy rustic weaves, wood, wickerwork, bamboo, leafy prints, stripes and even subway tiles. In addition discover dramatic murals of jungle leaves, flowers and sketched illustrations. This range is oh so easy to incorporate into your scheme with warm neutrals, greys, soft teal and green, dusky pink and peach.

Picture: Texture Stories

Texture Stories

107 background textures all in one book. Concrete, wood, weaves and distressed surfaces alongside subtle prints and geometrics. Colours concentrate on neutrals: soft grey and warm beiges to dark coffee brown and deep navy - it's a functional and totally versatile!

Picture: Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Our first and best selling range of prints created in collaboration with the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Here are reproductions and re-engineered designs inspired by the original paintings by Van Gogh himself. If you like colour, you'll love these designs!

Picture: Van Gogh II

Van Gogh II

Our latest range of Van Gogh inspired designs - capturing the artist's love of sun-drenched colour and nature at it's best. In amongst the almond blossom prints, japonais-inspired sprigs and painterly textures you'll find room height murals of some of his best known works.

Picture: Zen


Misty mountains, bonsai, bamboo and cherry blossom prints. Zen is inspired by Japanese landscapes, flora and foliage. Included are subtle coordinating woven prints - all offered in the softest smokiest colours for utter calm.